In the early 1980s, Heiner Müller gave Luca Lombardi the still unpublished text of his theater piece Hamletmaschine. Lombardi intended originary to draw from it an opera and composed a first version of two scenes from the play, which he titled Ophelia-Fragmente (for female voice and piano). The composition was performed for the first time in 1982 in Berlin by Frederic Rzewski and Roswitha Trexler.

Since then the composition has been performed around the world by many different performers. The “Duo Alterno” by Tiziana Scandaletti and Riccardo Piacentini performed it many times and recorded it on CD (La voce contemporanea in Italia, vol, 3, stradivarius STR 33769). The next performance of the piece by this excellent Duo will take place in Luxembourg on October 4th, 2022 (see poster).

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