Il re nudo

Characters: Swineherd and Weaver (Baritone), Princess (Soprano), Gabalo (Tenor), The King, father of Princess (Baritone), The King: groom (Comic Bass), The pot (Bass), The Mayor (Comic Bass), The Governess (Alto), I Lady of the Court (Soprano), II Lady of the Court (Soprano), III Lady of the Court (Mezzosoprano), IV Lady of the Court (Alto), The Minister (Tenor)

Orchestra: Flute (also Piccolo, Flute in G Bass Flute), Oboe (also English Horn and Oboe d’amore), Heckelphon, Clarinet in Bb (also Piccolo Clarinet e Bass Clarinet), Saxophon (Alto in Eb, Tenor in Bb, Baritone in Eb), Bassoon (also Contrabassoon), French Horn, Trumpet in C (also Bass Trumpet in Bb and Very High Trumpet in Bb), Tenor-Bass Trombone, Bass Tuba (also Double Bass), Percussion (2 players), Harp, Keyboard, Strings (at least 4, 4, 4, 4, 2); (all Double Basses with 5th string)