CIRMI (international center for musical and interdisciplinary research) was founded in the early 2000s by Luca Lombardi and Miriam Meghnagi.

Already in the early nineties, the philosopher Franco Lombardi and Iole Tagliacozzo (teacher, member of the Consulta della Repubblica, cultural organizer) had already taken place in the house on Lake Albano, where Luca’s parents already lived. Carlo Sini, the visual artist Regina Hübner, the architect Enrico Realacci and many others.

After a few years of activity (on which a brief documentation is being prepared on this same site), CIRMI, let’s say, went into hibernation, until a few months ago, when, together with “Quinte Parallele“, organized, on 3 October 2020, a seminar on “the role and function of music in our society”, with the participation of various composers and musicologists.

The next appointment will be on June 21, 2021 with the composer Unsuk Chin, in collaboration with the German Academy of Villa Massimo (ROME) and “Quinte Parallele”.

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